Low-Voltage Battery connector Connector → Battery
Sketch Product № Description Pitch ㎜ Height ㎜ Circuit № Packaging Type RoHS-2 2D 3D Status
RWB06 Series sketch dwg PBTE1-11×R00×M3 Mini Blade,THT, 4~6A. 2.00 5.30 3~8 Tape on reel with Cap   Active
RWB06 Series sketch dwg RBTE1-11×R00×M3 Mini Blade,SMD, 4~6A. 2.00 2.65 3~8 Tape on reel   Active
RWB06 Series sketch dwg ZBT04-51JT003U6 Lithium Coin Battery, 3P, THT   16.90   Plastic Tray   Active
RWB06 Series sketch dwg ZBTC1-7B0R00223 Lithium Coin Batter, SMD, 2P   4.20   Tape on reel   Active
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