About us
        WIROS Electronics Int’l Co., Ltd. was established since 2008. We perform the best of R&D and production of electrical components for Computing, Telecommunication, Automatic, Cloud, Networking communication industry based on the Quality Control, Innovation Sustainability, Customer’s Satisfaction.

        WIROS has integrated our production plants in Asia to provide the best service for local and global customers. With over decade of related experience, WIROS has incarnated our extraordinary ability in offering high quality products and best services to our customers. We're dedicated to offering you the very best of electronical components, with a focus on R&D design, dependability, quality, customer service.

        WIROS is your No.1 source of global professional manufacturer for electronical components source. WIRSO always keep improving the design and manufacture. Our major products are below.
Major Product Lines   Worldwide Service Networks
  • Engineered Electrical Connectors
  • Cable Assemblies
  • PoE LAN Magnetic Transformer Modules
  • Power Magnetic Tranformer Modules
  • Tactile Switches
  • Mechanical Hardwares
  • Asia - Taiwan
  • Asia - Hong Kong
  • Asia - Korea
  • Republic of Seychelles
  • USA
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