Audio In/Out Jack Connector → Audio Jack
Sketch Product № Description Diameter Ø Height ㎜ Circuit № Packaging Type RoHS-2 2D 3D Status
RWB06 Series sketch dwg RAJ2×-21SR00×S3 R/A, SMD, 0.5A 3.50 5.00 3~6 Embossed tape on reel   Active
RWB06 Series sketch dwg RAJ5×-61ST006S6 Verticle, THT, 0.5A 3.50 18.90 3~6 Plastic Tray   Active
RWB06 Series sketch dwg RAJK×-610P007S1 R/A, THT, 0.5A 3.50 10.0 3~7 Plastic Tray   Active
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